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The Best of Both Worlds, German Design, Made in The USA

The German tooth design makes it far tougher and more wear-resistant than other blades. Simply put - We are better than our competition. M42 high speed steel tooth edges provide superior wear, heat and shock resistance. These blades have Special German tooth geometry with positive rake. An excellent backer provides one of the most fatigue resistant backers in the industry.

Haltbar Band Saw Blades were designed for companies that require production, yet still have to look at the bottom line; a company like yours.

We wanted to bring to the market German quality, yet not harming our own economy by importing foreign products. We wanted a blade that gives the customer a total band saw blade solution, while cutting your production costs. We have done it!

Haltbar means less blade changes, fewer stripped teeth, and lower blade costs.Haltbar blades will do whatever you need to cut. They easily saw through hard-to-machine metals. They cut through all shapes, sizes and types of soft metals. Haltbar is sold @, shipped that day, all at 40% less. This makes our team your best choice for band saw blades while helping you control costs.

"Haltbar Band Saw Blade combines German technology, American manufacturing and top quality steel products to significantly improve your Band sawing productivity."


Our Band Saw Weld Center is Factory Certified. That means every blade that we weld matches factory quality standards.

Our Authorized Haltbar Saw Weld Center personnel are factory trained to ensure welds always will measure up to the highest standards:

  • Perfectly matched teeth.
  • Finished weld area
  • Uniform blade thickness
  • Long production life.

Our Center is reviewed weekly to ensure its welds meet Haltbars high quality standards.

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